5 sites i use for web design inspiration


The site listed above is one of the sites i use for web design inspiration because the designs it has are so simple but yet complexed. Everything about what is produced on this website is clean and straight forward. The different layouts give me ideas of what I’m looking for and helps me execute those ideas thoroughly. 


When creating a site, choosing the colors is one of the most difficult tasks that arise in spite of the apparent easiness. Choosing the perfect chromatic palette is important in order to effectively communicate the message, in order to strengthen the idea of a unique existence and to create brand awareness. The website above gives you ideas of what colors look good with each other and how to match them with the message of the website.

Grid Assault

If you’re designing a portfolio, a shop, or any site where you want to display a lot of visual content, then a grid layout is probably the way to go. Mind you, I’m not talking about the widespread designs that are used everyday, but the Pinterest-style way of laying out visual information that has become popular in recent times. And Grid Assualt is a beautiful place to get inspired.




 One of the best design ideas to follow is to keep it simple. And it doesn’t get much more simple than restricting your website to a single page.


One page sites are often designed with a very specific purpose in mind. so if you are making a site like this then the design has to be spot on. Designers can easily navigate One Page Love and find one page sites similar to what they want to create, to be inspired and to see what works.





You can really get your ideas on the road with Creattica. There is so much to get inspired by, and you can really get involved and submit your own work to hopefully inspire others. There is even an extensive and growing collection for excellent freebies to download to get you started and help you on your way. 


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