5 Trends in Web Design

1. Content First


In any case, this should be our main concern. We need to create efficient, searchable, accessible, multi-platform content and make sure it reaches the user via the best interactive experience possible.

2. Simplicity of design interaction and content


The process of simplification will be the only tool we have to make content accessible and readable on the greatest possible number of devices, with the best user experience.

3. UX centered design


Traditional websites will continue to adopt mobile app UI patterns precisely because they offer a more simple and efficient user experience.

4.App style interfaces


Over the next few months we’re going to see a process of transformation for most desktop websites, which will increasingly take one the style and interfaces of mobile apps, combining and simplifying content and design

5. Technology Agnostic


In web standards based applications the HTML/ CSS/ Javascript trio is the primordial soup. Many features are to come from these application.


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